Important Caravan Suspension System Parts

7 Important Caravan Suspension System Parts & Their Functions

A caravan is an excellent option for you and your loved ones to explore some of the most beautiful places in Australia. Caravans are fitted with suspensions to ensure flawless motion and keep the vehicle safe from road shocks. However, this task does not rely on the entire caravan suspension system but on its different components, which work independently but also in unison. 

This article will discuss the most critical parts of a caravan suspension system. However, let us look at what is referred to by the term caravan suspension system.

What Is A Caravan Suspension System?

The caravan suspension system enhances comfort while travelling by keeping a safe distance between the road and the caravan. Its primary purpose is absorbing road shocks and excessive noise. A sound caravan suspension system should be sturdy enough to keep the caravan firmly attached to the car.

There are three different types of caravan suspension systems. These include:

1). Rigid Axle Caravan Suspension: This is the most basic and oldest suspension design, and it is used in heavy-duty trucks, vans, SUVs, and buses. A rigid axle is a choice for most on-road caravans as it is easy to manufacture and install. However, due to its tough nature, the motion of the wheels depends on each other.

2). Semi-Rigid Axle Caravan Suspension: A semi-rigid axle allows some independence between all the wheels as they move. The suspension system is suitable for medium corrugations and mild off-road use, depending on the travelling speed. This system has galvanised versions that are suitable for marine use. Because of this, the semi-rigid axle caravan suspension is not recommended for high-speed motions, over corrugation, and heavy off-road use.

3). Independent Caravan Suspension: An independent suspension is the only type of car suspension that allows all the wheels to move independently. Despite being slightly higher in cost, it has gained popularity as the consumer demand for off-road caravans grows. The independent caravan suspension is the best suspension system for Aussie caravans as it can easily handle the unforgiving terrain in Australia. The best independent caravan suspension for off-road uses has adjustable air springs and coil springs.

Caravan Suspension System Parts (And Their Functions)

The integral parts of the suspension system of a caravan include:

  • Wheels
  • Coil springs
  • Shock absorbers
  • Linkages
  • Bearings
  • Leaf spring
  • Steering system

Important Caravan Suspension System Parts

1). Wheels are the first part of a caravan suspension system. They are the only suspension components that touch the ground. After all, tyres experience extreme pressure when driving over a bump, braking, accelerating, and cornering. 

2). The second most important part of a caravan suspension is the coil springs. They absorb the excessive impact when driving over bumps or potholes. However, metal rods are sometimes used instead of coil springs. 

3). Shock absorbers are another essential part of a suspension of a caravan. They work alongside the coil springs to channel away impact from potholes, bumps, or off-road driving. Technically, the spring absorbs the impact, but the shock absorber supports the spring and reduces its motion.

4). Linkages are the fourth most important part of a caravan suspension system. Linkages refer to rods that hold together the various components of the suspension system. They are usually made of highly durable metals that last as long as the caravan lasts. The only time the linkage fails is when the caravan is involved in a tragic accident. 

5). Bearings use the linkages referred to above to connect more prominent components together. The bearings enable specific suspension system components and do not need a lubricant. 

6). Leaf springs are also an integral part of a caravan suspension system. A leaf spring is installed to support the caravan’s weight and maintain the wheels’ grip on the road. It also helps to regulate the wheelbase length when the vehicle is accelerating or decelerating. 

7). Another vital part of a caravan suspension is the steering system. Although it might be an indirect component, it works alongside the suspension system to turn the wheels. The steering system controls most caravan suspension components, such as the linkages, wheels, and stub axle.

Final Thoughts

The suspension system is an integral part of any caravan, especially a caravan that usually carries a lot of weight. A sound suspension system should efficiently absorb the road shocks as the caravan rolls over a bump, negotiates a corner, accelerates or even braking. The suspension system keeps the vehicle on the road without bouncing from one point to another.

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