Suspension Testing

If you own a caravan, you will understand the importance of having trustworthy and reliable suspension. A strong, robust and reliable suspension system allows you to go wherever you want, whenever you want.

When your caravan has reliable suspension, you can tackle any type of terrain in this great country of ours with full confidence in your caravan’s ability to handle any conditions.

At Alpha Suspensions, we offer independent suspensions for off-road and semi off-road applications. For caravan and RV adventurers who want to experience the full beauty of our great country, Alpha Suspensions is your number one choice.

Our suspensions are fully independent and multi-terrain suspension systems that are reliable, cost-effective and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) approved.

Our Alpha Ultra Duty and Alpha Extreme Suspension range is built from Australian steel and is designed, developed, manufactured and tested right here in Melbourne, Australia.

However, it is the testing we perform on our suspension systems that is what sets us apart.

Here are a few reasons why you can depend on Alpha Suspensions for your off-road and semi off-road caravan suspension needs: 

Our Suspensions Aren’t Just Tested In A Lab

That’s right! We build our suspensions to withstand the toughest Australian terrain. There’s no comfort of a lab – we test our product in the actual outback! This gives us an accurate insight as to how our chassis’ perform in real-world conditions, not just under lab situations.

Vast Experience With Different Types Of Caravan Suspensions

You cannot undertake successful suspension testing without some form of experience. Our many years of experience in this line of work have seen us successfully test and improve thousands of suspension systems over the years.

Unrivalled Technical Know-How And Expertise

Our team of professional technicians has unrivalled technical know-how and expertise when it comes to caravan suspensions, springs (coils and leafs), dampers/shock absorbers as well as the many innovative designs we offer.

Strong Partnerships With Part Manufacturers and Suppliers

We are proud of our strong and mutually-beneficial relationships with some of the industries leading manufacturers and suppliers of suspension components. This enables us to produce the highest quality suspension systems in the country.

State Of The Art Diagnostic Tools And Equipment

Proper FEA testing and diagnosis of vehicle suspensions cannot be effectively undertaken without proper tools and equipment. Alpha Suspensions has invested in various state of the art tools that enable us to carry out all the necessary tests and diagnostic procedures required to ensure our caravan suspensions are of the highest quality possible.

Proven Track Record

Our track record speaks for itself. No other company in Australia has such an impeccable record when it comes to caravan suspension manufacturing and testing. The end product speaks clearly for itself.


Quality Caravan Suspension Testing

We push our suspension systems during testing to the absolute limit so that you don’t have to. We offer quality and affordable suspensions and services that allow you to tackle any terrain with complete confidence.


Professional Consultation And Advice

We offer all our clients free caravan suspension consultation and advice. Our technicians are happy to sit down with our clients and discuss with them how our suspensions are tested in order to boost performance and functionality and give you reassurance in our product.


Comprehensive Results and Reports

Our tests are not complete without comprehensive and detailed FEA results. The results detail every aspect of our suspension from basic performance, to the general state of suspension components, issues and problems identified, recommendations and many others.

If you are looking for the most reliable caravan suspensions in Australia, look no further than ALPHA SUSPENSIONS. Contact us today and get a free quote for any on or off-road caravan suspension requirements you may have.