Semi Off-road Independent Suspension

Our Ultra Duty suspension adds incredible versatility to your semi off-road adventures. You’ll enjoy the reassuring control and comfort offered with our suspensions on varying terrain. You will be easily able to transition between bitumen, graded dirt roads or extended corrugated roads, without missing a beat.



  • 3300 kg ATM semi off-road suspension Tandem axle with 10" brakes with single shocker
  • 3500 kg ATM semi off-road suspension Tandem axle with 12" brakes with single shocker

Features And Advantages

  • Alpha Components incorporates an almost 90-degree angle between the trailing arm and the shock absorber at ride height which is ideal for optimum performance. This results in a smoother ride and protection of the mechanical integrity of the entire installation.
  • We’ve developed an innovative bump stop for the top shock to protect the shock absorber by limiting the travel of the trailing arm assembly at full extension e.g. when the wheel is in the air. This also holds the coil spring in position and protects the shock absorber.
  • Our suspensions are designed with less overhang on the stub axles, resulting in greater strength and stability.
  • The coil spring is placed in the optimum position on top of the axle for improved performance.
  • Rigidity is improved by double locking tow adjustment and camber adjustment on the inside far end, gaining maximum mechanical advantage.
  • Al-Ko brake plates are used which are specially designed to be used with the Al-Ko ESC system.
  • We use quality Japanese bearings in our suspensions, mainly brands like: NTN and Koyo.
Alpha Difference

The Alpha Difference

Less overhang on axle for stability and rigidity

Unique Cushion to protect the Shockers and Coil Spring

Double locking tow and camber adjustment at one end

Optimum shock absorber angle for smoother ride