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5 Signs Caravan Suspension Needs Repair

5 Signs Your Caravan Suspension Needs Repair 

Do you own a caravan? Are you concerned about the level of wear and tear on your caravan suspension system? If you are wondering whether it’s time to repair or replace your caravan’s suspension system, look for the following signs: Accident Damage Too Much Bounce Uneven Tyre Wear Caravan Stands Unevenly  Oil Stains On The […]

How Check Ride Height Caravan Suspension Systems

How To Check Ride Height For Caravan Suspension Systems?

Caravan suspension systems are designed to improve driving performance and load balance among axles at the specified ride height. For a caravan owner, getting the ride height right is extremely crucial because using your suspension outside the designated ride height range can increase suspension wear, damage the cabin and reduce overall ride quality. To function […]

How Is Caravan Suspension Load Tested

How Is Caravan Suspension Load Tested? 

Caravans are heavy, large vehicles and this means their suspensions face a lot of strain. To ensure the safety of the driver and other road users, and to prevent damage to the caravan itself, the caravan suspension must be in good condition and well maintained. Before any caravans are put on sale, they’re evaluated to […]

Is Maintenance Needed Caravan Suspension

Is There Any Maintenance Needed For Caravan Suspension?

Caravans are built to last, but this does not mean that they do not require regular servicing and maintenance. Maintenance helps to prevent future problems and disasters. When doing your routine caravan servicing, it’s really easy to forget about the caravan suspension because it’s hidden away and out of sight. This does not mean that […]

Practical Suspension Tips For Caravans

Practical Suspension Tips For Caravans

Your caravan’s suspension is probably the most important component of the vehicle because it has a direct impact on day-to-day usability as well as long-term durability. The suspension on your caravan has 2 main purposes; to make driving on different surfaces and terrains comfortable and to absorb any excess shock that can be transmitted to […]

Understanding 4 Types Caravan Suspensions

Understanding 4 Types Of Caravan Suspensions

Do you know what type of suspension system your caravan has? Or are you planning to purchase a new suspension kit?  It’s important to understand the basics of how it operates, as it can make a big difference in its handling on the road, or off the beaten track. If you would like to learn […]

What Components Are Used By Caravan Suspension Manufacturers

Every caravanning enthusiast appreciates the need for a good caravan suspension system. The main role of the suspension is to absorb the shock of any bumps and dips on the road. Positioned right between the wheels and the caravan body, the suspension system works to prevent the uneven up and down movement of the wheels […]

What Best Type Caravan Suspension Corrugations

What Is The Best Type Of Caravan Suspension For Corrugations?

Have you ever taken a caravan off-road and experienced the juddering, bone-crunching feeling of corrugations on the road? Have you noticed how when you’re going faster over them, the ride feels smoother? What you may not realise is that at high speeds, that smooth ride comes at the expense of strain on your caravan suspension. […]

How Caravan Suspension Work

How Does Caravan Suspension Work?

Caravans are large, heavy vehicles that are frequently used by people who don’t have a lot of experience driving anything bigger than a car. They’re often taken off-road, adding to the challenges of keeping them under control. Because of this, caravans need to be well-designed and easy to handle, and that means good responsive caravan […]

What Are The Different Types Of Caravan Suspension Systems

What Are The Different Types Of Caravan Suspension Systems?

Caravans are an excellent way for you and your family to explore different places throughout Australia. Every caravan has a suspension system which plays an important role when it comes to cushioning the ride thus making the ride more comfortable for passengers. A good caravan suspension absorbs road shocks and prevents these forces from being […]