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Diagnose Common Caravan Suspension Problems

How To Diagnose Common Caravan Suspension Problems?

Do you like enjoying relaxed and comfortable off-road trips in your caravan? If so, you can thank your caravan suspension system! Your suspension system tirelessly works to absorb the shocks experienced on the road when driving over bumps, accelerating, and braking. Unfortunately, some components wear out over time, making the ride more strenuous and challenging. It […]

Important Caravan Suspension System Parts

7 Important Caravan Suspension System Parts & Their Functions

A caravan is an excellent option for you and your loved ones to explore some of the most beautiful places in Australia. Caravans are fitted with suspensions to ensure flawless motion and keep the vehicle safe from road shocks. However, this task does not rely on the entire caravan suspension system but on its different […]

Calculate Forces Off-Road Caravan Suspension System

How to Calculate Forces in an Off-Road Caravan Suspension System?

Whether you’re planning a trip across Australia or a little offroading, your caravan suspension needs to be in tip-top condition to allow you to have a pleasant time out in the bush. A high-quality suspension means you don’t really need to worry about anything and won’t feel the dips and the havoc they can bring […]

Axle Suspension off-road Caravan

Best Solid Axle Suspension for an Off-road Caravan

Which off-road caravan suspension design will deliver the best performance for your caravan? Leaf spring, torsion, trailing –  what’s the best for a stable tow? With so many options in the market, which glossy brochure should you believe? Well, if you want your trailer to articulate to keep it from flopping, you’ve come to the […]

Do Caravan Suspensions Use Trailing Arm

Do Caravan Suspensions Use a Trailing Arm? 

Most caravan owners don’t really want to get into the nitty-gritty of caravan suspension systems. They just want the thing to work and make their travels safe and comfortable. And there’s nothing wrong with that. However, you still need to know a little bit about different types of caravan suspensions and which is the right […]

Trailer Suspensions

What Is The Difference Between Off-road And On-road Caravan Suspension?

Are you planning to buy a new caravan? Are you aware of the importance of suspension in a caravan? Are you aware of the major differences between on-road and off-road caravan suspension?  A caravan that is designed to be driven primarily on bitumen usually doesn’t have adequate suspension for off-roading. If you take this type […]

How Tell if Caravan Suspension Worn Out

How to Tell if Your Caravan’s Suspension Is Worn Out?

Your caravan suspension takes a beating so that your driving experience can be smooth and enjoyable despite the terrain. Your suspension also provides traction by keeping the wheels on the ground as much as possible. But, how do you tell if your caravan’s suspension is worn out or damaged? Here are some common signs of […]

Do Caravans Have Independent Suspension Systems

Do Caravans Have Independent Suspension Systems?

Caravans are a great way for you and your loved ones to explore different parts of the country and discover new and exciting places. Caravans, just like ordinary vehicles – have their unique suspension systems that help ensure that your travels are both safe and comfortable despite the rough terrain and road shocks.  However, most […]

Effect Caravans Weight Have Suspension System

What Effect Does A Caravan’s Weight Have On Its Suspension System?

Owning a caravan is fun and exciting, but only if the owner understands how to use it properly. That said, this article will focus on one major part of the caravan: the suspension. First, what is the suspension used for? Secondly, what effect does a caravan’s weight have on its suspension? Indeed, misusing a caravan […]

Can Caravan Suspension Affect Wheel Alignment

Can Caravan Suspension Affect Caravan Wheel Alignment?

When your caravan is aligned properly, it should drive more comfortably without pulling in either direction. However, after many hours of driving in unpredictable road conditions, the wheels of your caravan may become misaligned. While some roads are predictable, potholes are unavoidable, especially when touring new locations. There are several things you can do to […]