Unleash the Great Outdoors with Alpha Suspensions


Unleash the Great Outdoors with
Alpha Suspensions

Experience the ultimate off-road adventure with our locally designed and manufactured independent suspension systems. Alpha Suspensions combines reliability, affordability and unique features, making it the perfect choice for those seeking to explore Australia’s rugged outback. Our suspensions are tested to withstand the toughest terrain, featuring a top-notch bump stop to protect your springs and ensure the shock absorber stays in place 


Option RV Caravans
Option RV Caravans
We stand proud to display the logo on all our suspensions and appreciate being recognized as an authentic premium quality product.

Suspension Testing

If you own a caravan, you will understand the importance of having trustworthy and reliable suspension. A strong, robust and reliable suspension system allows you to go wherever you want, whenever you want.

Warranty Registration

Alpha Suspension carries a 5 Year warranty on parts and workmanship including the swing arm bushes. This excludes consumable parts such as brake pads/shoes. 
We Offer

Alpha Suspensions

Alpha Extreme

Ultra Duty

Extreme Airbag

Hollow Beam Axle

Alpha Polyair Suspension

Alpha Extreme

For off-road driving in rugged terrain with no limits, our Alpha Extreme suspensions are a great option for your caravan or trailer. Robust and reliable, it is the perfect partner for your next amazing adventure. Towing your caravan or trailer across the most challenging terrains is now a breeze!

  • 2750 kg ATM off-road suspension
    single axle with 12″ brakes
  • 3000 kg ATM off- road suspension
    single axle with 12″ brakes – Australian Certified
  • 3700 kg – 4400 kg ATM off-road suspension
    tandem axle with 12″ brakes (Max 4400 Kg ATM)
Ultra Duty

Our Ultra Duty suspension adds incredible versatility to your semi off-road adventures. You’ll enjoy the reassuring control and comfort offered with our suspensions on varying terrain. You will be able to easily transition between bitumen, graded dirt roads or extended corrugated roads, without missing a beat.

  • 3300 kg ATM semi off-road suspension
    Tandem axle with 10″ brakes with single shocker
  • 3500 kg ATM semi off-road suspension
    Tandem axle with 12″ brakes with single shocker
Extreme Airbag Suspension

A premium solution for those who expect the very best performance from their suspension systems, our Extreme Airbag option offers top-of-the-line ride comfort. The right and left side can be raised or lowered at the push of a button, and the desired ride height will be maintained regardless of the weight of the load.

  • Type 1: Airbag suspension with external inflation points
  • Type 2: Airbag suspension with onboard heavy duty 12V compressor and remote actuated valves
  • Type 3: Type 2 + Air Tank and tyre inflation kit
  • Type 4: Type 3 + Self levelling system for fully/semi automatic controls
Hollow Beam Axle

While we offer simple and trouble-free traditional axles, we are very excited by the weight savings of our Hollow Beam axle solutions. Our design retains the carrying capacity while reducing weight – a highly desirable factor for builders and manufacturers.

  • 1450 kg
    tandem axle with 10″ brakes (Max 2900 Kg ATM)
  • 1600 kg
    tandem axle with 10″ brakes (Max 3200 Kg ATM)
  • 2000 kg
    tandem axle with 12″ brakes (Max 4000 Kg ATM)
  • 2200 kg
    single axle with 12″ brakes (Max 2200 Kg ATM)
  • 2500 kg
    single axle with 12″ brakes (Max 2500 Kg ATM)
Alpha Polyair Suspensions

At Alpha Suspensions, we understand that your caravan is more than just a vehicle – it’s an extension of your lifestyle. That’s why we have developed the most advanced and pain-free poly airbag system on the market. Our innovative technology ensures that your ride is smooth, comfortable and most importantly, safe.

5 Custom Presets and Automatic Leveling System

Our poly airbag system comes equipped with 5 custom presets, and an automatic levelling system, and has the option of adjusting the ball weight by inflating or deflating each individual airbag. This makes it incredibly easy for you to adjust the height of your vehicle with just the push of a button.


Fully independent and multi-terrain suspension systems

Our Alpha Ultra Duty and Alpha Extreme Suspension range is built from Australian steel and is designed, developed, manufactured and tested right here in Melbourne, Australia.


Quality Caravan Suspension Testing

We push our suspension systems during testing to the absolute limit so that you don’t have to.


Professional Consultation And Advice

We offer all our clients free caravan suspension consultation and advice. 


Comprehensive Results and Reports

Our tests are not complete without comprehensive and detailed FEA results. 

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    The Alpha Difference

    Less overhang on axle for stability and rigidity
    Unique Cushion to protect the Shockers and Coil Spring
    Double locking tow and camber adjustment at one end
    Optimum shock absorber angle for smoother ride

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