Diagnose Common Caravan Suspension Problems

How To Diagnose Common Caravan Suspension Problems?

Do you like enjoying relaxed and comfortable off-road trips in your caravan? If so, you can thank your caravan suspension system! Your suspension system tirelessly works to absorb the shocks experienced on the road when driving over bumps, accelerating, and braking. Unfortunately, some components wear out over time, making the ride more strenuous and challenging.

It is pretty straightforward to notice a simple spring breakage, but sometimes diagnosing your caravan for suspension problems can be exhausting. Below, we will outline the various caravan suspension problems and the steps for diagnosing your caravan for problems. We will start by defining what caravan suspension is.

What Is A Caravan Suspension?

Caravan suspension includes an outer central axle attached to the chassis either through welding or bolting. Each hub is then connected to an inner tube. The inner tubes rotate within the outer central axle as the wheels roll over bumps. 

The prominent role of having a suspension is cushioning the ride to make it more comfortable. The suspension absorbs road shocks to prevent certain impacts from damaging the vehicle.

Common Caravan Suspensions Problems

Typically, a caravan suspension system experiences complications if there is a problem with the coil springs, beam axle, tandem axle, and various other components. If they eventually wear out, the suspension will develop problems that may affect the wheel alignment and axle suspension, among other complications. Below are the various signs to look out for when diagnosing caravan suspension problems.

  • Oily Shock Absorbers

Caravan manufacturer recommendations include regular visual check-ups on your suspension to identify any potential threat before it becomes a significant concern. If you notice that the shock absorbers are greasy, they may leak fluid, affecting the whole system.

  • Steering Difficulty

If you find it hard to steer your caravan, especially at low speeds, you might be having trouble with your leaf springs. In such a case, consider hiring a professional mechanic to check your caravan before there’s an accident.

Diagnose Common Caravan Suspension Problems

How To Diagnose Common Caravan Suspension Problems

Diagnosing your caravan for suspension problems is complex, especially when there are no visible signs like greasy shock absorbers. Below are some steps you can carry out to determine if you have a problem with your suspension system:

  • Take the caravan for a test drive. If there are noise distractions in the car, like a radio, consider switching it off when taking the test drive. When driving, listen for any unusual noises such as squeaking. Listen extra carefully when turning, accelerating, and braking.
  • Inspect the vehicle’s exterior after gathering some information from the test drive. Unhitch the caravan and let it cool for about half an hour before starting the inspection. During the inspection, wear gloves and use a torch when inspecting hidden parts.
  • Bounce the caravan by placing your hands firmly on the drawbar. Push it down forcefully, then allow it to raise back without touching it. 

If the strut is fine, it should rise to the original position and stop. If it continues to bounce or move up and down before stopping, this could be an indication that the strut is broken. You can also try pushing the rear corners of the caravan from the side to determine the condition of each independent trailing arm suspension. 

Final Thoughts

The suspension system is an essential element of your caravan that keeps your rides comfortable. Typically, caravans with damaged suspension systems have very rough rides. Hopefully, the above information will help you to diagnose some of the problems associated with the suspension system of your caravan. In addition, we have included the various steps you can follow to diagnose caravan suspension problems.

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