Australian Designed and Made Tested in Australian Outback


Australian Designed and Made Tested in Australian Outback

We offer fully independent suspensions systems and components for off-road and semi off-road applications. For those that want to explore the great outdoors to the maximum, Alpha Suspensions is a great choice. These are independent and multi-terrain suspensions that are very reliable and also cost-effective. They also have many unique features including a highly effective top bump stop, which helps to protect the spring and stop the shock absorber from popping out.

prod_img1Alpha Extreme

Alpha Extreme

For off-road driving in rugged terrain with no limits, our Alpha Extreme suspensions are a great option for your caravan or trailer. Robust and reliable, it is the perfect partner for your next amazing adventure. Towing your caravan or trailer across the most challenging terrains is now a breeze! Read More
prod_img2Ultra Duty

Ultra Duty

Our Ultra Duty suspension adds incredible versatility to your semi off-road adventures. You’ll enjoy the reassuring control and comfort offered with our suspensions on varying terrain. You will be able to easily transition between bitumen, graded dirt roads or extended corrugated roads, without missing a beat. Read More
airbagnew1Extreme Airbag

Extreme Airbag Suspension

A premium solution for those who expect the very best performance from their suspension systems, our Extreme Airbag option offers top-of-the-line ride comfort. The right and left side can be raised or lowered at the push of a button, and the desired ride height will be maintained regardless of the weight of the load.  Read More
prod_img4Hollow Beam Axle

Hollow Beam Axle

While we offer simple and trouble-free traditional axles, we are very excited by the weight savings of our Hollow Beam axle solutions. Our design retains the carrying capacity while reducing weight – a highly desirable factor for builders and manufacturers.

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