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What Suspension System Is Usually Used For A Caravan?

Even though a suspension system plays a vitally important role when taking your caravan on an adventure, it is usually the last element people think about. Because this is a component that isn’t readily visible, it makes sense that people don’t pay it much thought. 

However, why are caravan suspension systems so important and what type of systems are usually used for a caravan? Whether you are about to hire or buy a caravan, these are very important questions to ask. 

Please keep reading as we explore this topic in more detail below:

What Suspension System Is Usually Used For A Caravan?

There are several different types of suspension systems, but the one you are most likely to find in the average caravan is called the Leaf Spring Tandem Suspension. Not only is it cost-effective, but it does a great job in general. 

Other suspension systems you may find on a caravan are: 

  • Rigid Axle Suspension: One of the first and trusted suspension systems (mostly used for on-road caravans)
  • Semi-Rigid Axle Suspension: Allows independent movement between the left and right wheel 
  • Trailing Arm Suspension: Great for off-road caravans 
  • Airbag Suspension: A modern system to replace the coil spring systems 

What Is The Purpose Of Caravan Suspension? 

If you were to associate a suspension system with a single word, the best association would be “absorption”. More specifically, the suspension allows the wheels of the caravan to move without moving the caravan itself. 

This literally absorbs all the little shocks that come from bumps or other inconsistent driving surfaces, like dirt roads where you can find potholes. Here are some examples of how a suspension system adds to the quality of your trip: 

  • Stability: You cannot take any chances when towing a caravan, and a suspension system is crucial to keep the caravan stable while in motion
  • Control: When a bump or pothole causes the caravan to jolt, the suspension allows you to safely maintain control of your vehicle
  • Safety: Your number one priority should always be safety, and the right suspension directly caters for this priority

What Suspension System Usually Used Caravan

The Main Difference Between On And Off-Road Suspension 

One of the first things you have to think about when buying or hiring a caravan is where you will be towing it. If you love nature and outdoor activities such as camping, it is recommended to look for caravans with off-road suspension systems. These are specifically designed to handle tougher terrains that are not paved or used on a regular basis. 

Alternatively, you can shop for caravans with on-road suspension systems if you are going to stick to sealed roads. And just because on-road systems do not face the same challenges as off-road systems, this does not mean you should compromise on the quality.  

Why Is Quality Suspension So Important? 

  • Wear and tear: 

Certain sections of the suspension system, especially off-road designs, are going to suffer from different levels of wear and tear depending on how much you travel. If these components (bushes, shackle bolts, centre rocker arm) are not quality, they can fail in mid-drive and compromise your safety. 

  • Overall safety: 

You need to be able to trust the suspension system on and off-road for overall safety. As mentioned, the suspension plays a critical part in terms of control and stability. Without these, your trip can be cut short pretty quickly. 

  • A Smooth Ride: 

There is no question that you want to enjoy the scenery along the way, don’t you? Well, the suspension is responsible for giving you a smooth ride, which means you have more fun on the road.

Even though the Leaf Spring Tandem Suspension is the most widely used system for caravans, make sure it can handle where you want to go. At the same time, make sure it is a quality system that won’t let you down along the way.

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