How Tell if Caravan Suspension Worn Out

How to Tell if Your Caravan’s Suspension Is Worn Out?

Your caravan suspension takes a beating so that your driving experience can be smooth and enjoyable despite the terrain. Your suspension also provides traction by keeping the wheels on the ground as much as possible. But, how do you tell if your caravan’s suspension is worn out or damaged? Here are some common signs of suspension problems you should be on the lookout for:

1). Oily Shock Absorbers

Experts advise doing a visual inspection of your suspension at regular intervals. This helps you to identify potential issues before they become serious. For instance, if you notice your struts or shock absorbers look oily or greasy, there is a high likelihood they are leaking fluid. This means that they won’t work as well as they should when you need them, so it’s advisable to have them looked at by a professional mechanic.

2). Difficulty When Steering

When your steering becomes hard, especially when driving at low speeds, this could mean that there may be an issue with your suspension systems. Because of the danger of driving when your steering is not functioning properly, it’s best to have your caravan checked by a mechanic as soon as possible.

3). Squatting and/or Rolling, Diving

Does your caravan:

  • Squat backwards (i.e. leans backwards) when you accelerate?
  • Rolls to the side (i.e. leans from side-to-side) when you corner?
  • Nosedive forward (i.e. leans forward) when you brake?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you may have a problem with your suspension. You can easily determine whether you have an issue by taking your caravan to a professional mechanic, who will perform a variety of tests to get to the root cause of the issue.

How Tell if  Caravan Suspension Worn Out

4). One Corner Sits Low

If you notice that one corner of your caravan seems to be slightly or significantly lower than the others, there’s a high likelihood that you may have a damaged or worn out spring. You may hear a clunking noise as you drive over potholes or bumps.

To really know for sure, first ensure your tyres are properly inflated. If one corner seems lower than the others, push your entire weight down one side of the caravan and observe how the suspension reacts. A squeaking or creaking noise will confirm that you need to have your suspension checked by a mechanic.

5). Feeling Every Bump

One of the main responsibilities of your suspension is to ensure that you don’t feel any bumps on the road. If you begin to feel every bump you find on the road, this may be a sign that your suspension is worn out and needs to be checked by a mechanic.

To know if your caravan’s suspension is worn out, simply push your weight down your caravan’s rear end and release it. Count the number of times the caravan bounces. If it bounces more than three times, then your suspension system may be worn out or damaged.

6). Pulling to One Side When Driving

If you notice your caravan is pulling to one side when driving, the problem may be your caravan’s suspension or tyres. Tyres need to be properly aligned to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Check that your caravan’s tyres as properly inflated. Also, check your tyre treads to see if they are wearing evenly. If everything checks out, the issue may be your suspension system.

Do you see any signs of damage or wear on your control arms, ball joints or shock absorbers? If you’re not sure what you to look for, it’s best to seek the help of a professional mechanic.

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