Do Caravan Suspensions Use Trailing Arm

Do Caravan Suspensions Use a Trailing Arm? 

Most caravan owners don’t really want to get into the nitty-gritty of caravan suspension systems. They just want the thing to work and make their travels safe and comfortable. And there’s nothing wrong with that. However, you still need to know a little bit about different types of caravan suspensions and which is the right type for your particular needs.

The thing is that there are different types of suspension systems and not every suspension system is right for every surface. If you plan to keep your trailer primarily on paved roads, a leaf spring suspension should be enough. On the other hand, an independent suspension is the best choice for off-road caravans but these do cost a bit more than the leaf spring systems. 

In this blog post, we will explore whether caravan suspensions use a trailing arm and its various advantages.

What Is the Role of a Suspension System?

A suspension system is needed to keep everything stable and comfortable by absorbing the bumps and noise while travelling. If the suspension system isn’t good enough, your caravan might not remain attached to the towing vehicle or could become seriously damaged. 

A suspension system is made up of a variety of components but the two main components are the shock absorbers and the springs. There are different types of suspension systems in use today but two of the most common types are live axle suspension and independent suspension systems.

A live axle suspension system is known by various names including a solid axle or beam suspension system. This type of suspension system has a single axle which means the wheels on the other side are connected to the same axle. Leaf springs are often prefered in this type of suspension system. It is a great choice for caravans that are likely to spend the majority of their time on paved roads.

The other type is the independent suspension system. The major difference between an independent system and a live-axle system is that in an independent system, the wheels are not connected through a live axle and each wheel acts independently. This is why independent suspension systems are preferred for off-road caravanning as these provide better ground clearance and better stability.

Do Caravan Suspensions Use a Trailing Arm?

Yes, caravan suspensions do use a trailing arm. However, trailing arm suspension makes more sense for off-road caravanning. This type of suspension allows each wheel to act independently which results in better ground clearance and stability compared to other suspension systems.

Do Caravan Suspensions Use Trailing Arm

Choosing the Right Suspension System for Your Caravan

The choice of a suspension system for a caravan is dictated by its intended usage. If you are going to use your caravan for on-road travelling, a rigid axle suspension system would be the most cost-effective solution. On the other hand, a trailing arm suspension, airbag suspension or a semi-rigid axle suspension system makes sense for caravans that are likely to be taken off-road.

Pay attention to these things when choosing a suspension system for your caravan:

  • Safety
  • Comfort levels
  • Stability
  • Proper control

The most important thing that matters is safety. You shouldn’t have any doubts about the capability of your caravan suspension system to handle the kind of terrain where you are driving. It should provide you with complete control and keeps things stable. You also need to ensure that the things inside the caravan remain stable regardless of the terrain.

Final Thoughts

Overall, a variety of suspension systems are available for caravans. The choice of a suspension system should depend on the terrain as well as your budget. If you are primarily going to drive on paved surfaces, a leaf spring system or a rigid axle suspension system should be enough. On the other hand, off-road caravanning will be much smoother with a specifically designed suspension system for off-road surfaces such as a trailing arm suspension or an airbag suspension system.

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