Truss Chassis

Why Choose Truss Chassis From Alpha Suspensions?

Alpha Suspensions is the leading provider of truss chassis and suspensions for caravans in Australia. Our innovative and hardwearing truss chassis offers long-lasting reliability and a smooth ride even in the most difficult conditions.

Our top of the line materials, extensive research and development, and commitment to quality make our truss chassis the ideal choice for off-road use and challenging conditions. We offer precision engineering and reliability with our lightweight and corrosion-resistant truss chassis for your caravan.


Features and Advantages

  • Alpha incorporates an almost 90-degree angle between the trailing arm and the shock absorber at ride height which is ideal for optimum performance. This results in a smoother ride and protection of the mechanical integrity of the entire installation.
  • We've developed an innovative bump stop for the top shock to protect the shock absorber by limiting the travel of the trailing arm assembly at full extension e.g. when the wheel is in the air. This also holds the coil spring in position and protects the shock absorber.
  • Our suspensions are designed with less overhang on the stub axles, resulting in greater strength and stability.
  • The coil spring is placed in the optimum position on top of the axle for improved performance.
  • Rigidity is improved by double locking tow adjustment and camber adjustment on the inside far end gaining mechanical advantage.
  • Al-Ko Brake Plates are used which are specially designed to be use with Al-Ko ESC system.
  • We use Quality Japanese bearing in our suspensions, mainly brands like: NTN and Koyo.

The Benefits Of
Truss Chassis

Caravan chassis need to provide adequate support and stability while handling a variety of conditions as well as being reliable and hard wearing as possible. For ease of handling, and to reduce fuel consumption, it also helps if they're lightweight.

Our truss chassis meets all of those criteria, being engineered to be light but strong, reducing the load you have to pull and helping improve the handling of your vehicle, without compromising on reliability or durability. Between our truss chassis and the variety of suspension systems we have available, we have something for all the adventurers out there looking for a more enjoyable and fuel-efficient time on the roads.

Why Choose
Truss Chassis?

Truss chassis look stylish and are lighter than standard chassis designs. Certain elements have been removed from the chassis to reduce its weight without compromising on the structural integrity or strength.

The truss chassis can be used on road or in off-road environments, and you can be confident that they are able to handle any sort of conditions. If you want an extra smooth ride and reliability, take a look at some of our suspension systems too for maximum performance and comfort.


Engineered To Perfection

Safety is our number one priority with all of our chassis and suspension products. All of our products are designed and manufactured in Australia, tested in the Australian Outback, and designed to comply with the strictest safety standards. This means you can be confident that whether you're using our chassis on smooth roads or in more rugged environments, you will have peace of mind with the performance.

Our chassis are made from corrosion-resistant materials and although they may be lighter than other styles of chassis, it doesn't mean they're any less strong. We've carefully tested the design and found ways to reduce weight without sacrificing integrity. Our aluminium chassis in particular is deceptively light for the amount of weight it can handle, meaning you'll get more mileage out of your vehicle, reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy better handling too.

If you're looking for a reliable and durable chassis for your caravan, contact us today for more information about the styles of truss chassis we have available.

Truss Chassis