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Disc Brake

Suitable for:
Caravan & Trailer

Disc brakes provide the best balance between performance, durability and safety. Their open nature allows for quick cleaning after being immersed in salt water and are not as prone to fading compared to other braking systems because they cool more quickly when needed the most.

AL-KO's light duty mechanical disc brake calipers are made for those who demand the best of everything. The stainless steel springs, bushes and bolts are coated with Dacromet®, offering corrosion resistance against salt water and will never let you down when it comes to durability. They can easily withstand any environmental and weather conditions that may come your way.

The stainless steel slide pins are produced from high quality stainless steel providing even more durability to this product, so you can continue using it in environments where there's potential for corrosion.
The mechanical caliper has two different configurations, designed to suit your specific needs. The forward pull configuration is suitable for beam axles while the centre-pull style works best with AL KO's Independent Rubber Suspension (IRS).
The AL-KO mechanical calipers are designed to be simple and easy for servicing, making them perfect if you're looking at saving money on your next servicing or repair. They work well with rotors and disc hubs with thicknesses ranging from 12mm all the way up 15 mm.