On Road

While we offer simple and trouble-free traditional axles, we are very excited by the weight savings of our Hollow Beam axle solutions. Our design retains the carrying capacity while reducing weight – a highly desirable factor for builders and manufacturers.



  • 1450 kg tandem axle with 10" brakes (Max 2900 Kg ATM)
  • 1600 kg tandem axle with 10" brakes (Max 3200 Kg ATM)
  • 2000 kg tandem axle with 12" brakes (Max 4000 Kg ATM)
  • 2200 kg single axle with 12" brakes (Max 2200 Kg ATM)
  • 2500 kg single axle with 12" brakes (Max 2500 Kg ATM)

Features And Advantages

  • Lightweight design
  • Al-Ko brake plates are used which are specially designed to be used with the Al-Ko ESC system.
  • We use quality Japanese bearing in our suspensions, mainly brands like: NTN and Koyo.
Alpha Difference

The Alpha Difference

Less overhang on axle for stability and rigidity

Unique Cushion to protect the Shockers and Coil Spring

Double locking tow and camber adjustment at one end

Optimum shock absorber angle for smoother ride